what is it?

Thermal Acupressure Massager Table is a therapeutic massage bed capitalizing on the principles of oriental science including massage (tui na), acupressure (shiatsu), acupuncture, heat (moxibustion effect), far-infrared rays, jade and pyrogen bonded epoxy carbon.

The whole concept of traditional Chinese medicine is based upon treating the well-being of the entire human body rather than trying to address a symptom.

The human body is viewed as an organic whole and the relationship between nature and the human being is treated as an integrated unity.

A holistic approach is the most distinguishing feature of traditional Chinese medicine. The three crucial elements for the human body to function properly are:

  1. The spine: Perceived as the root of the human body, the spinal cord and its nerves should be free from any undue pressure.
  2. The flow of qi: The qi should be smooth with no stagnation and should be neither deficient nor excessive. It should be balanced in the human body.
  3. The circulation of the blood: The circulation of the blood should be smooth and blood should be clear of pathogens and impurities.

If any one of the above conditions is disturbed our health starts failing. With poor health our immune systems are no longer enough to prevent or fight disease effectively.